About speed limit 70

SPEED LIMIT 70 is a dynamic and fun five-piece cover band, performing the classic hits you know and love from the 70s-00s, with a heavy emphasis on the iconic songs of the 70s and 80s. With multiple singers, the band is able to cover a wide range of music.

SPEED LIMIT 70 has played more than 700 shows since forming in 2012, and is available to perform at restaurants, bars, resorts, Legions/VFWs, private parties and events of all types and sizes.

We can fit to suit any occasion, with solo, duo, trio or full five-piece band configurations.

For bookings or more info, please call/text 407-970-0679 or email us.

Susan Watkins

Ezra "Phat" Williams


SPEED LIMIT 70 is Ezra "Phat" Williams (drums), Michael Delcampo (bass, vocals), Susan Watkins (vocals), Thomas Watkins (guitar, vocals), Rick Anderson (keyboards, vocals) Photo: Mark R. Horan

Rick Anderson 

Michael Delcampo and Thomas Watkins